Beeline is offering comprehensive wealth management solutions for its customers through Beeline Group.

Who We Are?

Beeline Group is a diversified financial services firm with in-depth knowledge and experience in financial market. We specialize in providing the best solutions for wealth creation and its perpetuation. Whether; it is offering through investment advice or providing a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

We have expertise in Mutual funds, Insurance, loans and debt consultancy. We start by understanding your objectives and your other priorities along with your overall financial condition. We then, determine and help you to create a precise strategy to maintain and grow your finances based on your age, goals and risk appetite.

Our financial advisors are always active and keep watch on every minute status in financial market. We make sure that your money is in safe hands, managed proficiently and grows with time.

Services We Offer

Mutual Fund

Based on in-depth analyses of your financial circumstances, we mutual fund advisor offers you a vigilant selection of mutual funds that best suits to your goals.


Our focus is not to sell, but helps you to buy the right cover and policy. Our insurance agent offers cost-effective, reliable and customized insurance packages for you.


We know that the market is progressive, fragmented and difficult to negotiate. That’s where our loan advisors come in. For us, a loan is not only a transaction of money, but a fulfillment of your dreams.

Debt Consultancy

Our debt consultant offers debt consolidation services to help you to regain your control of your finances and lead a stress free life without any impediment in your daily business.

Our Clients

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